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Actually got BINGO back in February, but forgot that I was a member here (as well as on LJ) so I didn't post it.

HORIZONTAL BINGO on the first row of
my card.

on life and lemons
end of the line
dancing in the moonlight
kids and pets
thigh holsters
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Having just received a very late request/interest to sign up for this challenge, I saw no problem with it as long as its done before the deadline. If there is anyone that is interested in signing up or spreading the word, I'm more than willing to set up more challenge cards.

Only catch is - newcomers right now will have to wait a few weeks until I get my new computer to get their pretty graphic BINGO card. My computer with Photoshop is officially dead. I had intended on putting a downpayment on one this week but plans change and now I have to pay for the vet visit for my dog (yucky skin infection that is ongoing) and his meds. That will literally eat up every penny intended for the computer.

So, spread the word. We are going to take late sign ups (but the penalty will be loss of time obviously and delay in pretty cards).

ALSO!! Many have started migrating over to DreamWidth in the last week or so. I have set up a sister community there of the same name ([community profile] h50bingo). Be sure to share the word. Sign Ups are accepted here AND there.

(this same post will be posted on LJ as well).
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I have begun the process of importing the few entries & comments over from the sister community on LiveJournal. Please have patience while the DW servers handle the backlog of all the people suddenly flooding the importer with much larger communities and journals.

Check In!

Dec. 30th, 2011 10:40 am
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How's everyone doing with their bingo cards?? Anyone score a line yet?

Another question - How many of you are on DreamWidth or are looking to migrate over there? I am in the process of trying to copy the community over there (as a sister comm.
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Greetings followers! For those of you who signed up already, you can find your custom cards hosted here. It is an album I created on my Imgur account for easy finding. Each card's page has the assigned username on it. Be advised that I am trying to make sure that no one has the same background image and so far all is going well.

The link for the album is features on the sidebar link list.

If you have a challenge or other Hawaii 5-0 community and would like to be affiliated, please leave a message on THIS entry, send me a private message on LiveJournal, or e-mail me at

Good luck and have fun!
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Hawaii 5-0 Bingo. A safe harbor for every faction of fandom, a dream of many new stories that include all our favorite characters while featuring the beautiful islands prominently. Anything goes here - het, slash, femslash, gen, and all characters are welcome - even original characters if you like. Crossovers with any fandom are accepted; however, the action must take place in Hawaii.

Another twist? Fills may be accomplished by fic, drabbles and/or art, vids, vidlets, soundmixes or mini-mixes.

The one thing that will not be tolerated is any form of flaming with respect to OTPs, pairings, the people that portray characters. Another reason Hawaii 5-0 Bingo was created was to be a challenge where all of the H50 fandom could participate equally.

There are a few laid back Rules (and FAQ) here.

Care to join us? Request a card by leaving a comment with the appropriate form to this post and a card will be created for you. Please be patient as your mod here tries to create awesome custom cards for you!

Sign-ups Begin: Now!
Sign-ups End: November 30th, 2011.
Deadline for Completion of First Bingo: May 1, 2012.
Cards are issued upon sign-up, and you can request a new card after your first Bingo.

There's a nifty little Banner code to pimp Hawaii 5-0 Bingo HERE!

Sign Up Form:
favorite H50 character:
five must have prompts:
three do not wants:
please refer to the prompt list for the must haves and do not wants

All participants can find their cards hosted here if you might lose your images/links.
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[ profile] h50bingo | RULES & FAQs || SIGN UP | [ profile] h50bingo

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Here is a collection of prompts used for the bingo cards that are supplied to participating members. If you have suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment to this entry with your additions. All comments are screened. Most of these prompts are 'borrowed' from [ profile] ancientctybingo but a number has been replaced or removed.

Read more... )
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Rules & FAQs

  1. Each Hawaii 5-0 Bingo card is made up of prompts drawn at random from a set of themed lists.

  2. You are encouraged to interpret the prompts in whatever way inspires you, but the H50 character(s) has to be featured and be an integral part of the fill. Accepted works include drabbles (100 words), fic/ficlets (minimum 100 words, no max), art, vids, soundmixes, mini-mixes, podfics (podfic must be of at least 500 words). Crossovers with any other fandom are acceptable.

  3. Prompts may be filled using gen, het, slash, femslash, or any combination.

  4. Once you have your card, you may not ask for a fresh card until you have completed at least ONE bingo on that card.

  5. If filling your prompt(s) with fic, it must be NEW fic. The primary purpose of Hawaii 5-0 Bingo is inspire writers and creators to post new stories and fanart. Previously posted writings and art will not be accepted.

  6. A bingo is a horizontal or vertical line, a diagonal line or an X, or a card blackout (all 24 prompts plus the wildcard not-always-in-the-middle square). A bingo is also a postage stamp, which can be either one fic or fanwork that incorporates all four prompts from any corner of your card, or four separate fics or fanworks for each prompt in any corner.

  7. Once you've completed a bingo, you can ask for a new card and keep playing until the deadline, or you can continue to write more bingos or extras (postage stamps, simultaneous double lines) on your original card. You can re-use a prompt you've already used in a previous bingo, as long as you write a new story or create a new fanwork for it. So, if you've written a vertical line including your 'Don’t Touch That!' square, you can make a second bingo for a horizontal line which also includes the 'Don’t Touch That!' square -- as long as you write a new story or create a new fanwork for that square.

  8. When you've completed one bingo as defined in these rules, you should announce it in the community by making a post which says what combo you've completed, and posting links to the fic and/or fanworks. Please don't post the actual works to the comm, as the volume of posts that would create would make it harder to feature your accomplishment. Since we are not scoring, you are certainly not obligated to post your links; however, in order to receive a recognition/participation banner, you must post your bingo to the community. A posting template will be available on the profile page of the community to use.


If you have a question or concern we haven't addressed here, please leave a comment to this post.

These rules and questions are based on those of [ profile] ancientctybingo and used with permission.
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